September 9, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

Daily Contact with President

So this week we had zone conference and stake conference. What a Blessing for both the missionaries and the members of the wards where we're serving. It's been great to serve with all these people and to see all their smiling faces, ready to serve the Lord on both sides of the veil. In zone conference we talked about looking for people and finding joy. It was actually a successful spiritual experience. The assistants made a video with pictures with all of our converts. You could feel the Spirit in the room and then they invited to keep working and to not let our converts fall through our fingertips and keep them active, through the ministration and the retention lessons.

The next day I got sick. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and puked. That whole day I was either sleeping or in the bathroom. Not fun, but I did sleep about 20+ hours that day.

So this week we had an awesome experience. This Sunday being stake conference we have to go to another building that's actually on the other side of our zone. It gets hard to coordinate with the people to get them to come. Also daylight savings time happened on Sunday which was another factor that would impide the people we're teaching from coming to church. ALSO, it was raining. Another impediment. But despite literally every factor going against, Christ gave us a miracle. We had coordinated with someone that we're teaching and we called on Saturday to make sure everything was good and Sunday we went to meet with her in the Church and SHE CAME!!! Despite everything, someone came to church. I'm so grateful for the little miracle that Christ gave us for this week. We're going to keep working with her on the next commitment. Baptism.

This week I was thinking a lot about the next steps (SOMETIMES I CAN'T HELP IT). In stake conference they talked about resilience and how we're getting less and less resilient. I was thinking maybe we need to be resilient to fight for what we're going to need. We need to have the athlete mentality. Don't stop working until the job gets done, not when you're done. That's something we need to teach our families.

Welp thats all for this week. Catch you all on the flip side!! Love you


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