September 2, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

Finalize Moving and Bring the people to the Temple

I'm going to keep this kind of short because there's so much to say and so little time. It always has been that way.

This week we had leadership council, where clarifications and more changes were discussed. From huge rules to stupid little rules EVERYTHING was discussed. Not much has changed in the sense we're still letting the Spirit guide us. Now with exchanges and the schedule of our day. Beforehand we were planning in the morning but now we'll be planning at night. President Richter is to the letter in Preach My Gospel and I love it. It's so plain and simple so it makes me happy as a zone leader. Less stupid questions more refer to the handbook.

We also brought someone to the temple. I forgot to take pictures, but long story short she loved it. The temple is a power magnificent that I'm glad to have here on the mission. It helps bring more people to Christ in a full spiritual powerhouse kind of way (but like quiet like the Spirit).

This weekend we made prayer rocks with the persons I have pictures but our computer doesn't let us send them so next week we'll have a picture dump. This week is going to be my last zone conference and I'm Going to have to give my farewell testimony. Yikes!! Time has gone by so fast. Like Ferris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't slow down and (take it all in) you could miss it.

I Love You have a great week !!!!


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