August 26, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

Shuffle Week

It's called shuffle week because we got a couple of reunions shuffled. With transfers changed to Tuesday we had district reunion changed to Friday and our leadership council pushed back to this week I'm excited for that. Elder Groscot is nowhere near me right now but, He's in one of the best sectors in the mission. So He's in good hands and his trainer is pretty cool. Fun fact all of the new misionaries are your typical Utah Greenie. Blond hair blue eyes, look like there 14. They could all be cousins!!! (I'm pretty sure they are).

This week in the Round Lagoon Chronicles we had a cool activity that we called "Dieciocho entrenimiento". In American terms it was like a Fourth of JHuly party before the Fourth of July. So we ate empanadas bread and conversed with the members and the people we brought had some conversations. It was great because one of the people we brought said "wow you guys are so pure, I'd love to come to church (she didn't come but, progress).

About two transfers ago we were teaching a family but we had since stopeed teaching because they stopped progressing and so we dropped them. But this week we decided to have a family home evening with them and it turned out to be a positive experience. Maybe this transfer will come their time to be baptized.

Other than that our teaching pool has remained static. Actually one of the people were teaching is moving to another city but the wife (who's member) is going to rent us there apartment. SO this week I'll be packing up my suitcases and moving. But today we had a clean frenzy.

Welp other than that there wasn't much that happened this week. I hope everything goes well!!! Love You!1


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