August 21, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

We had transfers but almost no one got transfered

So I'm staying and about 80% of the zone as well. So we're going to be working our tails off to move the zone forward. I'm actually super excited for this transfer because it'll be the first transfer applying the changes of President Richter. There actually boring but to summarize
-We'll all have zone conference the same week and interviews another week.
-We'll rely more on PME and the Spirit to help us with our people
-We'll trust more the missionaries to work instead of bugging them to work harder, ETC
This week we've been working a lot more with the members, trying to get their confidence. The thing is in Conce there's a huge flow of people, to the point where people don't stay around. But the members all have friends that aren't members and we just hae to find them and the members need to trust us that we'll teach them and help them. So we've been doing visits with members, Family home evenings and finding through the members. IT's actually brought us some success because we found a part member family that loves the missionaries and they have a daughter who just completed 9 years old so we're working with them to bring them back to the Gospel

We're also teaching a Jewish man who is hard-core jewish. But he likes meeting with us. We comes to church and reads the book of mormon, but his culture is a little different. We're trying to help develop his faith in Christ to help overcome his unbelief. also for listening to us he's received a lot of hate from his Jewish comunity so we're crossing our fingers that he hangs in there. He isn't quite ready for baptism but we'll see soon.


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