August 12, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

This might be our busiest week!

So we didn't end up moving this week. They still have to do some tramites and so this week I think we'll be moving. but here's the situation. There are 20 new elders coming and a while back in my interview with President I asked if I could train to end my mission, maybe open up a new sector. He said that it was a great idea and he would write it down, but that was about a month ago. So if we move I'll be living out of my suitcase for the rest of the transfer but I think it's all good. I'm excited.

This week we did our weekly exchanges with one of the wards that houses 2 of the universities in Concecìon. The thing is that nobody lives super far away from home and so the students travel back home for the weekend. It makes it really hard for these Elders because they find lotos of people that are really recpetive but live outside of the sector. I never really understood the impact of that until the exchange that we did. We found so many people that are really receptive to the gospel but they didn't live close at all and we can't teach them. It was kind of frustrating. So I gained a little empathy for them.

This week we came back to find a couple of people really really cool. We started teaching an artist who rents a room in like a compound type thing (sometimes people rent a room in like a house behind and share the kitchen with like 10 other people). His story reminded me a little bit of Brady. Sometimes he gets migraines and he has to leave the situation before his head explodes. But he's gone through a lot, between broken marriges, broken business. It's a hard life. But he could make some good progress.

We also we walking around our sector trying to find someone awesome to teach when we contacted someone who quickly recognized us a servants of the Lord and told us what has been happening. They just moved here from another country and when they came here little baby daughter got sick. So she's been in and out of the hospital while her husband has been working. You could feel the pain in her voice and when we shared the Gospel with her it was like a little weight was lifted from her sorrows. It was amazing to see how the Gospel lifts people up and helps them. We have a return date pending but it's going to be awesome.

So why is this week going to be our busiest? Well we have a conference tomorrow with President (look-out for all the changes), one of these days we're going to move. On Saturday we're going to have all the missionaries in our zone work for the morning in our area, Saturday for the afternoon a Sports activity, and Sunday a Family Home evening. Also we have a family home evening that will happen one of these days. So we're going to be super busy.

I hope you're all doing great. Send my greetings to the family!!! Love you

PD: I'll be on for a little more if you want to chat or need more details. BUT YOU GOTTA BE QUICK


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