August 5, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson


It was a great Tuesday until we received the call that we needed to move as urgently as possible, but that's a side note. We're probably going to be moving like 3 blocks away but it'll be super cool

This week we had a leadership council to discuss some of the changes. I can't say any of them but they're pretty awesome and a lot more efficient to help us better achieve our missionary purpose. I'm excited. We can't say them until the next transfer but they're going to give us so much more time to work

This week I had two exchanges, one of them I got to work in the sector of the temple and it was pretty cool. The people are cool but it's a richer part of town so the work was a little bit different but the views were spectacular.

Also one of the people that we're teaching gave me water from the Dead Sea (I know there's a star of David). So that's pretty cool. I hope the water doesn't evaporate because that would be pretty dope in the curio cabinet. If it survives the ride home.

This week I thought a lot about leadership. I started to draw parallels to see how the leadership works and I realized something. I never looked at myself as the star (never was, but not trying to be) but in every aspect I had trust from the trainers and from the people that I leadered and it caused whatever I impulsed. For example as a missionary I help out missionaries by giving suggestions and letting them know that they're doing a good job, but they need to better. I realized that it was the work that credits a leader. Maybe not the skill or the ability but the amount of time that the person puts in. It's the work that makes someone a leader. Maybe that's why I've been called as a leader. Not the best but the people trust. It was a good meditation session.

Well I hope all goes well in the first week of school. Love You Bye!!


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