July 15, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

15 julio 2019

So this week was so crazy and I'm so glad to be in the mission. In our house one of the Elders is training and we got to see a brand new missionary and he's years ahead of my Spanish which is so awesome.

On Friday we had leadership council and it was WAY different in a better way. Because we have a brand new mission president we got to share some of the ideas that we had for our mission to help keep the work progressing. It was truly an edifying experience and you could feel the Spirit in the room where we all talked in council what should be changed and what should stay the same it was spectacular, especially because half of the leaders are new leaders this transfer. They brought some great ideas from their past experience and I'm excited to see the start of a new mission. Hopefully it only moves up instead of down.

This week we watched a miracle with our zone and I'm going to attach it in Spanish because it was my card to President.

En el fin de semana nos dimos cuenta que nuestro trabajo con los miembros era bajo cuando tuvimos 19 LPP como una zona. Vimos que cada sector estaba luchando con ese indicador clave. Decidimos para mantenernos que íbamos a poner un piso de 8 LPP's por sector en el fin de semana. Como cada distrito respondió nos mostró los milagros y el crecimiento que Cristo nos da. En un distrito tuvimos una actividad y salimos con miembros y como un distrito pudimos levantar los 8 en viernes hasta 32 al terminar Domingo. En el distrito de 333333, no trabajaron mucho durante la semana pero en la fin de semana pudieron lograr 30, que me sorprendió por que les dificultó para trabajar con los miembros en Centro. Estoy lo mas impresionado con 33333. Ellos han luchado a trabajar con los miembros y después un fin de semana de puro trabaja, traer 5 personas a la iglesia, 4 eran nuevo. Estoy muy, muy impresionado con los esfuerzos de Centro.

The members are the key to missionary service, because it's for them that we can see miracles, especially here in the City of Concepcion. It's a great miracle for sure.

This week we have our zone conference which is going to be awesome. I'm the only Elder who has planned a zone conference but it was still good to see us all pool our ideas together and it's going to be a success.

Love you all have a fantastic day.


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