July 1, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Joshua Marchant

It literally rained the whole week and I got sick but the work went on

So there were a lot of things that happened this week. The first was an unplanned intercambio with another zone leader. My comp and his comp were in the temple so we joined forces to work in my area in the afternoon. The morning we returned to my first zone, the Penco zone, to the only place I haven't visited in that zone, Dichato. We did some baptismal interviews and then went back to conce, which is about 1 hour in bus.

Wednesday, pure rain and work. An exchange with Elder Urie. Look him up he played for Bronco medenhall in Virginia as a Wide receiver. He's a super hard worker.

Thursday began the sickness. It started with a stomach sickness and gradually made it's way into my head. I worked with Elde4r Romero in his sector. When I came home I think I had a fever.

Friday, another exchange. I felt better so I was in a trio with Elder Barney and Elder Pinheiro in Universitario (there's a trio in our zone, we split the trio so that both could work in their own areas for the day and have an extra boost) actually it was super fun, even though it rained a ton. I took medication so I felt a lot better.

Saturday Stopped raining normal work day in our area, we visited someone that we're teaching now.

Sunday- We had a great day in the church and we had a Family Home evening with a family we're teaching.

We have the greatest teaching pool. We have a man who is/was Jewish. It's actually pretty cool. He has a baptismal date for the 20 of July. We're also teaching a family from Peru. The father of the family helped build the temple so that's also pretty cool. We're also teaching various families from Venezuela and of course Chileans.

So today I met the new mission president. I didn't talk too much with him but he seems cool, pretty good in Spanish and his wife is also learning so that's good. We'll have a devotional with them tomorrow.

I've been learning a lot, but there's not enough time to write everything in the emails. I also thought of other things that would make the mission easier
-A word processor (we have so little time to write everything)
-An umbrella (mine broke by the way so I'm going to buy a new one)

Elder Boatright is super far away, like other side of the mission right now. So I don't talk to him.

Faith sent me an email when she received her mission call. The laws are so strict that that's pretty much all I can say.

Welp I hope you enjoy your 4th of July. I hope it doesn't rain. I want to cook burgers or something. We'll see how it goes. I hope you all have a good week. Feedback about the emails also really helps. Bye

ps here's my card to president.

Por ejemplo durante un intercambio en un sector estuvimos tocando puertas y tocamos la puerta de un hombre que nos dejó pasar. Contó que ha estado enfermo durante mucho de su vida y no pudo trabajar gracias a esa enfermedad. Compartimos La Restauración con el y el aceptó una próxima cita.

También recibí una llamada un día de un numero desconocido. Contesté pensando que alguien se equivocó, pero era una persona previamente enseñado que quería juntarse con nosotros. Juntamos y compartimos un poco sobre La Restauración y igual comprometimos a la iglesia. El nos llamó algunas horas después y dijo que si o si iba a venir a la iglesia. Vino a la iglesia y ahora está preparando para bautizarse el día 20 de Julio. El es muy bueno y muy dispuesto a actuar.


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