June 10, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Joshua Marchant

I'm 20 Years Old and Still Serving Christ

I woke up today feeling so stinking old. A QUE!!!! No not really. Actually I woke up feeling super different. don't know why. We'll see what we do for my birthday. There's not much I really want to do. But I'm super happy with where I'm at, so that's good. I'm probably not going to be buying anything for this birthday because I'm trying to save it up for college and stuff that I'll need for later. I have everything I need and there's not much more that I need. Plus Tyler just bought a sick car, so I'm kind of Jealous honestly. But not too jealous.

There was a moment during our exchange when we found a person called Sandra. We were finding her need and we found a superficial one, but we tried to commit her to read a pamphlet of the Temple and we were going to return to find her deep need. We left the brochure but she did not take it. He said that he was losing his faith in God because of his challenges. After some inspired questions we found that she had breast cancer and was creating a single family. It was very difficult during these challenges to continue believing in God. Then my partner said that his mother had gone through exactly the same BUT remained firm in his testimony of Christ. My companion gave one of the strongest testimonies of the Savior's love that I had never experienced in my mission. To add to the situation, his grandson was playing and came to the door. We asked what her name was and she answered, and the child's name was exactly the same as my partner. President, that does not happen by coincidence. We had this exchange planned for another day but we had to change it but when changing it, my partner practically taught his mom. It was one of the experiences in my mission that I will never forget.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! We're so close in age now. I don't know how you keep hitting the 29th mark but it's spectacular.

We're teaching lots of super cool people. Lots of foreigners like I think I mentioned. The leadership classes have helped me a lot being a leader. I'm thoroughly enjoying this part of my mission. I remember last year I had a fear of rain and to be stuck knocking doors. Now it's just pure animo being outside and working. I'm so grateful to have spent my 19th year of my life in the service of the Lord. I honestly couldn't be happier. I ate a mango too.

Love you all. Thanks for all the happy birthday weishes. Hermana Catala sang to me in Mandarín so that was cool. I'll skype later to talk more about the week. Love you!


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