May 6, 2019


Dieciocho de Septiembre Ward Chillàn-Ñuble Stake


Elder Azure Grahame

Monster Food Week

So if you see the pictures we had a great food week. We tried out the local pizza sushi joint and bought the biggest item on the menu from a Churasco place. But those weren't the highllights of this week.

The highlight this week was the baptism of a family of 4 in our district (not my sector, but still a pride). It was super cool to interview them because each of the kids saw the peace that the Restored Gospel of Christ brings to the people, so that was awesome.

We also had our first rain so that was a great time. We got super soaked because it was cloudy and we thought that it wasn't going torain but there we were in a soaking pile of regret. But that was super fun. We've been trying new ways to find people to teach in our ward so that we can end this transfer in the font. One of the people is super ready to get baptized but lacks the ability to stop smoking but we're helping him there.

So for mothers day I was thinking in the afternoon around 5 o'clock arizona time (around 8 my time). I would be chatting but the internet is a little bit slow. But I hope you have enjoyed your week. Love you bye.


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