April 22, 2019


Dieciocho de Septiembre Ward Chillàn-Ñuble Stake


Elder Azure Grahame

I accidentally broke the word of wisdom

OK I bit into a delicious treat and it had the taste of coffee and so I looked on the label and there it was. With coffee flavor. I then looked at the ingredients and There was only fake coffee flavoring. But I still felt bad so I ate around the coffee part and didn't really enjoy the chocolate.

So enough of that... Let's talk about Keaster. Easter has the same traditions here as they do in the United States. The Catholics take time as a family to go to church for their General Conference or something like that and lots of people are with their families. Add to that, it's not been very clear out lately and so it makes it hard to do street contacts and knocking doors (I've seen too much). But we've been working really hard nonetheless. I think this week was one of the weeks most constant in terms of missionary work. It wasn't extraordinary but I kept working at a good constant pace.

We are working with a lot more families now. In our weekly planning session we decided to start teaching families instead of individuals in the family. We're going to see if that changes anything. Elder Grahame and I have set a relatively high baptismal goal for 7 in the transfer. That's more tripling anything I've done in any one of my transfers, but I truly think that we can do it.

We've seen many miracles this week with the people we're teaching. 4 has made plans to quit smoking (I've changed the names to keep their privacy) and he said that he's go quit this week so he can get baptized. 6 let us know about a couple of doubts that she's having and that helped us to know how to help out. All is going well here in the 18th ward.

I want to clarify the training thing. I'm helping him out so that when it comes time to be a leader he's ready. It's not like training a brand new missionary. With the amount of time left I'm probably not going to be AP so I've just focused on my personal progress instead of my mission rank because that doesn't matter in the end. IT's the personal progress to Jesus Christ that has us out here.

Welp that's all for this week. Have a good day.


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