April 15, 2019


Dieciocho de Septiembre Ward Chillàn-Ñuble Stake


Elder Azure Grahame

Week 7 in 18th ward

So this transfer I'm staying. I would be really sad (actually I'm kind of sad). But listen to this. So I talked to President about the change Thursday night because he asked me about to do it. So he told me that I'm going to be there to help train someone else to be a district leader because all of them will be leaving within the next 3 transfers. So I think that's pretty cool. I'm also super excited because after 2 weeks of doing insanity Im starting to see muscles and not be so fat. Just in time for winter.

In other transfer news, Elder Huyter is an assistent. So that's pretty cool. Maybe we'll have an exchange or something like that.

This week was really awesome. On Saturday there was a light rain and we were knocking doors and we met a woman who was scrubbing the floor. We shouted ALLLOOO and she answered and started to talk with. We asked her if she was passing for a hard time or life was presenting itself difficult and she told us that it was. And then she started crying. She said that she need to get out of this challenge she was having. So we invited her to an activity that we we're having about family history THAT SAME DAY. AND SHE CAME. She couldn't come to church because she had to visit her mom who lives 30 minutes away. But people activites in the church are a great, fun way to share the gospel and help others.

Another cool thing that happened this week is we received a reference from his same activity of a man who went to church in Santiago but never got baptized, so we'll be working with him this week to see how great are his desires.

Hey so me and my companion have become fitness freaks and we were wondering if we could ask for a meal to get swoll. Just to like try it out. So that would be super cool.

My companion (how have I not talked about my companion) is named Elder Grahame from Ferndale Washington. he has a twin brother who's serving in Argentina Rosario. He's super lowkey and it's nice to have a companion that's lowkey. We're actually pretty similar on the nerd side but on the sports side super different but we get along really well. So I'm happy that we're staying together.


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