April 9, 2019


Dieciocho de Septiembre Ward Chillàn-Ñuble Stake


Elder Azure Grahame

Repent ye repent ye, Time is running out

I was thinking we need a big picture of President Nelson and the phrase "Time is running out" on our wall or somehing because that was a big bomb. I really enjoyed the conference this week because all of it was really, REALLY focused on what we should be doing as these new changes have come about. We need to prepare to receive Christ because President Nelson is making it known that we really are in the last days.

So that was the big thing this week. We also had a zone conference in which we talk more in depth about the plan of Salvation including all the parts and in depth. It was really good and I could learn a lot.

I really like talk from Takashi Wada about feasting on the words of Christ. I have been wondering how I can improve my spiritual power (well at least that's what I think). I honestly loved all of conferences so It'll be hard to tell you which was my favorite because I'm going to study them all.

As for transfers wait until next week. That's when we'll find out about transfers. President and I talked about transfers and he told that if I didn't think the sector was ready for a transfer that I would stay. But given the factors it seems like I could be tranferred. If I get transferred that will be my last area (maybe who knows). It's time to put the batteries in and go.

We have a baptism scheduled for the 20th of April. I'm really excited! The other companionship in the district has a baptism set up for this week. I'm super excited for this week.

Love you all. I'm going to be working until the very end and even through the winter. Have a great week.


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