January 28, 2019


Cordillera Ward, Chillan, Chile


Elder Brady Lewis

A barbeque with Ms Chile

So there's a couple of big changes that happened when I got transferred.
1. It's a lot hotter in Chillan. I'm actually really grateful to be sweating it out because it actually feels like summer.
2. We are now the only missionaries in our ward and so we have double the work (even though the area wasn't split) but we still get to teach everyone who the other missionaries were teaching.
3. We moved as soon as I got there (like changed houses). Our house that we live in now is super awesome and big and with enough space that I don't know what to do with myself. (and my first house with a dryer)
4. It's the same zone I was in before I got transferred to San Vicente when I was in Quirihue but naturally Quirihue isn't in our zone (part of a new zone that opened)
5. This is my second United States companion with a Sports scholarship. Elder Lewis - Basketball scholarship to the University of Utah
6. Our zone is Awesome.

There's lots more updates. For example I worked a total of 2 days in my sector because of exchanges that we do with the other Elders and conferences of the mission. So Tuesday after moving we started working and Saturday we started to work. We have a haitian who is scheduled to get baptized the next week and so that's really awesome. I have to work on my creole and put aside portuguese (jokes although it would be super dope)

Also Ms. Chile (if I'm not mistaken) lives in our ward and we had a barbeque American style with her family. One of her brothers leaves on the mission in a couple weeks. the ward is spectacular and I couldn't be more happy to be walking and sweating and sweating and sweating.

I'm not going to be close to the mission home to get the package for another month when we have zone conference and bring it to us here in Chillan. But I think what I have will hold up.

We're working super hard to help out all the others in the zone keep baptizing and keep working. I'm really really excited for the new assignment.


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