January 7, 2019


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

My Weekly Email

This week I had an amazing spiritual experience. In an intercambio we were knocking doors to find more people to teach. While knocking doors there was a lot more success than we normally have. People were answering and even if it was to tell us that they were actually leaving it was a great miracle. I told Elder Gomez, (the zone lider), wow we're have a lot more success than normal and he said, it's because we have unity. If one of us did not want to knock doors we wouldn't have succes. It's the same in all of things about missionary work. If one of your companions doesn't want to do a part and the other wants to, you don't have unity and need to change so that you can have the unity necessary to do the work.

So today we played soccer. I learned a couple things. 1 I gotta start exercising. 2 I can still touch the rim (even grab it). and 3 Every time I do exercises I feel like I'm grinding and that makes me want to play football after the mission. But that's not happening, or is it?

So if you see the pictures I got a new haircut, but she cut it very short. I was on the point of just buzzing it off but then I decided I'll just let it grow out.

SO this week we're scheduled to have a baptism. Her name is Ailin (pronounced Eileen, from the song Come On, Eileen). She's 19, has a child of 3 years old (it happens too much in Chile). She's friends with Krishna (the other girl we baptized about 3 months ago). Last week we went to the temple and she seems ready for her baptism. We're really excited for her.

I gotta go. Looks like I'm not going to be going to the mall. I'll probably buy a new backpack as well because my other is leaving my shirts stained. Even after washing it. Love yall byee.


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