November 19, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

My Days as a Table Tennis Judge

I'm starting to realize that me not writing in my journal is really bad. It's very difficult to start remembering things that happened during this week. Nonetheless it's turning out to be a good week. I had two exchanges. One with the Elders in my district and the other with the zone leaders. I learned lots from the two. I'm thoroughly convinced that they assign leaders to be leaders to help themselves learn. I'm learning a lot more about myself than I could ever dream.

In the two exchanges I learned more about how I should be working in my own area. One is talking to everyone and the other is working with the members. It's a little bit harder to work with the members but It's something we could definitely work on.

The days are starting to warm up. Actually it really seems like one week it changed to summer. I'm wearing lots of sunblock and a hat to keep me in the shade. I hope that it helps.

Also we have planned 2 baptisms this week. For 2 teenagers who have been going to church for six years straight. Most people would say that we got lucky but I actually don't believe in luck.

Today we learned that missionaries are good at table tennis but Elder Theobald doesn't have the hand eye table coordination for it. It was ugly. So I sat as judge and that was pretty cool.

My second pair of shoes are about to die. That leaves one pair. I've been looking for shoes but they literally don't have my size so I'll let you know how that goes. I really liked the article that Dad wrote. tis the season haha. I promise the next week will be more interesting.


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