November 12, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

In Two Weeks or Less

So this week we received a call from the Bishop wqhile i was out of my area. The first thing he told us was that the FHE that we had planned was cancelled. The second thing he told us that we have permission to baptize 2 jovenes about Kyle's age (12, 13 por alli). They have been coming to church for 4 years staright sin ser bautizados because there parents told us we coyuldn't teach them and that thety won't be baptized. I think missing the dedication was enough for the mother of the two of them to soften their hearts and give us the word to teach them. now we need their written permission and we'll be ending this November with 2 more baptisms. PERMIIIIIIIIIIIIISO.

I feel really bad for Elder Barboza because he has to accompany for all the interviews we do during the week for people who have stopped progressing. Since these interviews are private 1-on-1 teaching experiences he has to study or talk with los demas in the house. But I get to have some pretty rad experiences. For example my third entrevista of my life was a 21 year old that the Hermanas were teaching and was really really ready to be baptized 2 weeks ago but then on Saturday no quiso. So I went to try to sacar some of the dudas. Turns out she had a gigante duda sobre el profeta jose Smith. So I extended the committment to read the Book of Mormon and pray to resolve her doubt. So we'll see in a month.

On this exchange we taught that lady Erika that I interviewed last week. We retaught Lesson 1 and really fortalece mi testimonio en el profeta y la autoridad aqui en la tierra.

There are many experiences that I have lived during my mission and it is impossible to see how some people come to your home the same. There is no way that I can return the same. I have had many different spiritual experiences during my time. Sometimes I asked myself, it seems that others are having more success or more fun missions than me, but the mission is not to have fun, but to learn more about the Savior and get closer to him. Thank you so much for raising me so close to Christ that I can help others see the miracles in their lives.


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