November 5, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

MONSTER WEEK/one year in Chile

Wow I'm nearing my one year month here in Chile. It's so crazy that it's been one year since I stepped out of my comfort zone yet again to do something for someone else. This mission isn't about me and the more time I have the more I'm learning about that. With my new assignment as a District Leader I'm being brought more and more humble to the needs of everyone.

So Monster week was this week in that we were super busy. Monday Elder Ashton said good-bye to all the members here in San Vicente and then he finished packing and it was a little bit sad on Tuesday morning to go to the terminal and say good-bye not only to Elder Ashton but as well to the District Leader I'm replacing Elder Aparicio. It was the end of an era. But a new one starts with Elder Barboza, he's from Uruguay with 9 months in the mission. He's an excellent missionary.

The same Tuesday as transfers we had a conference with all the return missionaries and old presidents of the mission. It was such a spiritual experience as all of them told us one thing specifically. You won't be seeing all the fruits of your mission during your mission. It was really special to hear the stories of the past presidents and missionaries.

Thursday I had a meeting to help teach me how to be a District Leader. It also ended up raining on the way home and I basically just worked in the rain with my suit but that was still fun.

The most spiritual part about being a district leader is doing interviews for baptisms. Our mission actually uses the interviews to help with some of the people we're teaching, find out one of their needs. I had my first on Saturday. I felt so unprepared but I went in and did my very best and even though the lady didn't come to church I felt like I had done my best. But I could do more. I've got some more studying to do. There's so much more that I have to learn and that's kind of my slogan. I've still got a lot to learn.
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