October 15, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

The Ministration

Today in my earthly ministry I will be reviewing the past week as the temple open house comes to an end and I'm stuck here wondering how in the world do I even contact people because I can't talk to many people about the dedication of the temple because they're going to miss it.

We have two people we're teaching that are preparing for baptism. An old man and a younger girl about Kyle's age. Here's the story about Krishna

The last transfer begins when we were finding needs in a park. We found three young people and we took their needs and directions but we did not feel very strong that they were going to progress and we left like this.

After weeks we started to see one of the girls we met frequently, like things like that on the street. We went to a house with a reference to the temple and she answered the door. We still feel that it was not your time.

And now we come to the miracle of the week. While he was in an exchange my partner and the zone leader passed this house and found the breast of the girl we met. They visited and set an appointment for the next night.

Here is the situation. We talk to the mom's girl. The reference of the temple is his sister and my companion spoke with the mother. The sister of the temple is living with her partner who is a returning member. But we went to his house and we sat down and started talking. After 5 minutes we had the whole family together to listen to us. We teach The Restoration and leave with the Book of Mormon and a commitment to the church.

At the beginning of the sacramental meeting they did not come and I thought maybe next Sunday. But before the holy supper ALL of them went to the meeting. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Our second family completes here. I was so encouraged for them. But that is not all. At the beginning of the Gospel we made presentations and the mother and father said they want to be baptized and also the member's partner returning. I was so encouraged to hear that.

After the meeting we went to the pile and found the imperfection in the gold. Mom and dad live together. But the daughter accepted a date to be baptized on November 3 with all the support of her family. I'm super animated. Obviously it is sad that they can not be baptized now but I know that in a short time they will reach the waters of baptism.

I put that into google translate because I'm too lazy. I wrote it to my president.

So yeah that's the story. The prophet is coming to dedicate the temple so that's super cool.

We also took someone we're teaching to the temple. He felt the spirit super strong and he's going to get baptized (and confirmed with supervision from the bishopric) on Saturday and enter the dedication on Sunday. So that will be cool and great for him.

I got some approved workout videos so I'm going to be exercising because I want to be in shape when I get home. So yeah that will be awesome. There's not much else but I hope it satisfies my readers. Thanks Love you all


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