September 24, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

I Entered the Temple

SO this week we entered the temple, but that's nothing of the week we had.

This week started with a family home evening with the family we're teaching and the father dressed like a missionary on accident. We gave him a tie and now he's one of us (minus the baptism and priesthood and calling and other things but we're working on that).

Then we go to Tuesday where we weren't allowed to do anything for proselyting minus visit members (this is where the part member families come into play). We cashed in on that and ate a CRAPTON of empanadas. We were also in the house by 7 and I sewed a lot of my pants that had ripped (or that a dog bit). I'm pretty proud of that.

Thursday was my last rabies shot and also the baptismal interview for Alejandra. She passed but she had to throw out a lot of the doubt that she had.

Saturday we woke up and started filling the font for the baptismal of Alejandra. It went through with no difficulties and I had the privilege to baptize her. It was such a marvelous experience. Then the SocSoc provided snacks for after and we passed a good time (this time we didn't flood the church building). After lunch we went with Alejandra and her family to the temple and it was an awesome experience. IT's so beautiful inside and outside. The people who were guiding us are Osorno and that was really cool becuase its still a huge trip, but they just wanted to help.

Sunday Alejandra was confirmed and we had some of the people that we're teaching come to church. Including a Haitian named Carlo who's basically American ( grew up in Oakland, moved to Haiti, now he's here, super cool, and weird to teach in English) Actually in Gospel principles we had three different languages being Spoken so that was also super awesome.

We've had a lot of good things happening to start off the transfer. Hopefully we can keep up the rhythm we have. In this transfer we have the temple open house, general conference and the dedication of the temple. So we're going to be super busy. We're super excited.

I'm also happy to say that I'm part of the best mission in the world. And right now, after one year, I'm still super happy to be here serving the people. I can't believe that I'm almost one year out. SO crazy, but yet so much to do and so much to learn still. But I'm super happy to be serving.


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