September 11, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

It's Almost Temple Time!

I'm not sure if that was my title the last week but it's going to be for the next couple weeks. The temple open house is finally here (well on Saturday) but I'm so blessed to be a part of the temple. I'm serious, like an RM in the ward came and talked to me and said that he was super jealous of us that we were going to be a part of this. So yeah I'm actually super grateful to be a part of this.

This week we had two baptisms. Hector and Vanya. Hector was being taught for almost 3 months and had lots of reservations about being baptized, but we helped him out a little bit and now he's a member. So Hector was waiting outside of the church before his baptism and got robbed... It was sad because he got very discouraged and was about to just go home ( he has depression) but I said NNaaahh, Let's go to the sacrament meeting room and I'll play the piano and it will help you out I think. So I played for almost an hour (because he got there so early) and it was awesome because it was probably the best piano playing I've ever done.

Vanya is super special. She's been ready to be baptized for a year. But the father didn't want to give her permission. So the missionaries quit visiting until I came. Elder Ashton remembered them in an exchange in the begining of the transfer and we have the confidence of the father and he gave permission to baptioze her. The dad, Carlos, is awesome. He has some problems with the Word of Wisdom but we're still working with him. The mom Alejandra is going to get baptized this coming week.

Well that's the scoop for this week. Actually one more thing. We had zone conference and we talked about getting ready for the temple. It was an awesome experience and I really learned a lot. I'm not very specific because it was a lot more personal to me than actual dope knowledge.

But I'm super stoked for the temple. We're trying to arrange with the family of Vanya to go with some of their friends but we'll see.

This transfer we've struggled with getting new people to church. So this week we're going to `put a huge effort to get more new people to church.

Elder Ashton went to BYU and has about 2 weeks of age more than me. We get along super well. He likes water sports and misses Lake Powell.

Welp that's all for this week. My dog bite is healing quite nicely. Summer is starting and yeah... good stuff.


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