August 27, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

I got bit by a dog and Ether 12:27

Last week I got bit by a dog and now I'm getting vaccinated for rabies. In my mission I've received too many shots. But it's actually free so that's dope. There was a house we were trying to get to and the dogs were barking viciously. I got way too cocky and tried to walk past them and my companion told me to come back. So I turned my back to the dogs and that was my big mistake. I got bit in the left calf. It's not deep but for precaution I'm getting rabies shots (and they're not in the butt so that's good). But yeah.

I found Jelly Beans here. Actually I'm going to try eating healthier but every time I say that a pack of cookies finds its way into my food. But I'll be working on it.

I've also completed 11 months on my mission. I honestly still consider myself a young gun. Buy now all my friends are going to be leaving soon from the mission.

SO we gave away almost 1000 invitations this week (to the temple open house) and we're going to be giving away a lot more. So that's dope. I received a letter from mom this week.

It's starting to heat up and I'm excited.
Ether 12:27 - If you ever feel weak and the darkness is clouding read the scripture. It's found in the book of mormon. It has definitely helped me and can help each of you (I don't have much time to write sorry) the next week will be better.


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