August 21, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

Sorry I don't have photos, I don't have time

So we're all super excited for the temple open house and every week it gets a little bit closer and every week we tell more people. Welp that's the mission.

Last Saturday we found a complete family. They had assists previously but were never baptized. On Monday we shared about temples and eternal families and during this lesson we committed the mother and daughter to be baptized. It was a super cool lesson in which we felt the strong Spirit. Then in the interview attack our District Leader entered each one individually. We came out with these four interviews with 3 dated. even the mother and the two children. Wednesday the Pope talked with the children about the passage and we had an appointment on Thursday.

On Thursday we went to find out that they are not going to be baptized. The pope and the whole family did not feel ready, he had doubts, and problems with the word of wisdom. Elder Ashton and I participated in one of the most powerful lessons in my mission, testifying of the expiatory power, drawing the sword but nothing happened. We said that we are still going to visit because it still has potential.

On Sunday night I and Elder Aparicio went to his house to put them back with a date. We speak that the doubts will still be there but their faith and trust in Jesus Christ will bring them peace in their family. We left the appointment with three dates, the parents and the daughter.

in other experiences this week I taught principles of the gospel so that was cool. I also went on an exchange with comp of the district leader so that was a lot of fun.

Not much more than that. We have another person that we're teaching that is set to be baptized in the coming weeks. we're excited about that.


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