July 23, 2018




Elder Fernando Mamani

The bus failed us again

Even through all the difficult times of winter, we are prevailing. They say that Julio is one of the worst months for winter and we're almost done with it. So I'm excited. But here are a couple of pretty dope stories.

The last bus from Cobquecura to Quirihue crashed on the way to Cobquecura. So we had to wait until 10:45 for the very last bus (to Santiago, but passes through Quirihue) (with permission from President). It consisted of waiting in a Cafe to escape the cold and teaching someone who is against the missionaries (and lots of food). It was quite the adventure (but the first time was better) Elder Mamani also saw the ocean for the first time (I'm kidding, it's a Bolivia joke). Good stuff in Cobquecura.

Saturday we decided to be Jehovah's Witnesses for the day and set up a table in the street market that happens every Saturday. Even though we had no pamphlets about the restoration and very few of the Plan of Salvation, it was still a huge success, even before it rained. We also printed a huge photo of the temple of Concepcion to show the people. It was super cool.

Also on Saturday, we decided to visit some returning members, one I met but when I arrived she decided not to come to church nor accept the missionaries. SO we decided to go to her house to comitt her to church (just for the luck and she let us in! We talked and although in the end she didn't come to church that was a huge step in the right direction.

Sunday President Catala and Hermana Catala came to our church. Afterwards they helped us reorganize and fix some things in our house. Our study room now has light and that's exciting. I also learned how to make rice in the microwave so that was super cool.

We're still teaching the mom of a recent convert but she slowly has been progressing. hopefully she'll be baptized along with her husband. That would be so cool.

We also brought a returning member to church in a wheel chair. The returning member who lent us the wheel chair said we didn't have to bring it back until Wednesday, so we had so fun with that.

Wow I had some stuff to write I hope that your week is excellent and I'm jealous that it's hot because I want to be rocking the short sleeves again. Chao!


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