July 9, 2018




Elder Fernando Mamani

It rained the entire week

I'm not actually kidding when it rained the whole entire week. It rained Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and a little bit Saturday. But Sunday it didn't rain and that's what I'm calling a miracle. I think if it rained we would have had church with just us 4 and the faithful Hna Cecilia. But that's besides the point. Rain is not that fun, BUT it's the fourth best miracle worker.

This week we have a potential baptism. His name is Julio and his brother is a member super inactive, but still a friend of the missionary. He has some mental problems and so some days he's super happy and other days he's cussing out the missionaries. So we're going to see if he passes his baptismal interview. We're also working with the mom and dad of a new member and his mom (Nana) came to church for the second time. (Personal belief: the second time is the hardest). So we're seeing miracles and it's awesome-issimo.

So literally when it rains anyone that lets you into their house is a golden investigator. We managed on Tuesday to be knocking doors and we managed to enter into 2 different houses. It was super bakan.

I also had an exchange with the zone leaders this week. They work in a ward that is part of Chillan and it's a lot bigger than Quirihue. It didn't rain that much but it was still a great experience. Elder Ayala is awesome and literally talks to everyone. He showed me that it's not really that hard to talk to others about the Gospel, especially because the people are there.

I'm really grateful for all the inspirational words that you send me. It's almost time for the temple to be dedicated and more than ever we are battling to prepare the people for the temple. it's hard but so worth it. I read every word and treasure it (also the fact that Dad's email was longer than Mom's was astounding). I'm trying my best to work hard to help the people.

With love


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