July 3, 2018




Elder Fernando Mamani

We Finally Have a House Specifically for Reunions

So this week was quite the roller coaster in about 6 different forms. I'll go over some details.

So first of transfers. I dropped my companion off at the terminal and picked up my new companion, who wasn't very far. Elder Mamani has about 5 months in his mission and all in a very successful ward in Chillan. He was companions with Elder Murdock in the ward (named Coiquen). We took a bus back to our house when we realized that Elder Henriksen had the only keys to our house and had left it locked. So I had to hop the fence and got an awesome huge scratch on my hand, but it's all good.

Friday and Saturday we helped in the morning to move all the stuff from our house to the new house with the purpose of a chapel. We moved the chairs whiteboards and all that fun stuff. Our house is freaking empty now.

Then we had church in the new church and the whole mission presidency came (did you know that the mission president has counselors?) Everyone bore their strong testimonies of the great help that the new chapel is going to be in Quirihue and it's super exciting. The Spirit in the room was indescribable. Although I've only been in the area 3 months I felt the great anticipation that awaited the new chapel. It was super awesome.

So yesterday was another holiday and so we couldn't write because all of the Cibers were closed and we received instructions to not write in the house of members so here I am writing you on a Tuesday morning.

I know when things get hard, we learn to adjust, and when we adjust our comfort zone grows, and that is the greatest miracle we will see.

Inspiration from that dude
Elder Theobald


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