June 18, 2018




Elder Pedro Espiritu

The Last Reunion

So this week was adventure filled. Working hard all the good stuff like that. Actually I did some self-evaluating and decided that I need to start working a bit harder, like being more present in contacts and lessons and stuff. So I made a goal to start doing that and the results were amazing. The week was great and the spiritual expereinces were there.

This week we had zone conference and we watched a little clip from Hacksaw Ridge. Andrew garfield's character is a medic in WW2 and they abandoned a couple of wounded troops to save the rest of the battalian, but the medic started saving these people one by one. It got to the point where the medic was exhausted but he kept saying one more. And kept saving one more, even though the Japanese were trying to kill him. But he kept going. This is what our mentality as a mission needs to be. Save one more, save one more person. We're trying to save these people from darkness.

I think this week there were lots of people whose problems hit them like bricks. We found at least 3 or 4 people who had some problems and needed the Gospel, those were some great experiences.

Also Sunday was the last reunion in our house :( the chapel, or house modified to be a church is going to be ready in two weeks and the next week we're taking a bus for branch conference in Cauquenes, a city north of us. Good times in that house.

Transfers are next week. I don't think I'm getting transferred so don't worry about that.


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