June 4, 2018




Elder Pedro Espiritu

Batem - That's Creole for baptism

That's Creole for baptism. Because we had a baptism. Meet German. He has 9 years and his mom is super duper pooper scooper supportive. we travelled up North to Cauquenes Estacion for the baptism. It was a splendid experience. I gave a talk and played the piano.

Speaking of playing the piano I've been taking more time to practice a little bit instead of exercises because I'm too lazy to do exercises.

Speaking of exercises I'm actually going to start doing those.

Speaking of those I want to recount an awesome experience that I had yesterday. After lunch we went out to work and I mean work. Like visit tons of people of people and walk around your sector trying to visit as many people as possible kind of work (or killing your comp, which makes no sense because he plays soccer, so he should be outrunning me right?) Welp my comps not dead so I don't think we worked hard enough. No we really really worked hard Sunday night and felt really satisfied.

In the 8 months on my mission I've been really learning a lot about myself. For example that Sunday night was one of the most satisfying nights on my mission. I think we're going to try to replicate that more often.

Hey so winter is here so in the next couple weeks you'll probably see some transactions on my card. I need a couple of things to better prepare for the winter (mostly just thermal stuffs and maybe a long-sleeve shirt/ hoodie for sleeping). So just there it is.

Thanks for your continual support. I hope I'm making you proud.
Love the man

ps I'm slowly learning to cook.


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