May 28, 2018




Elder Pedro Espiritu

I lost the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth

So it got cold and it's been raining and I'm slowly learning that being the tough guy really really sucks when you lost the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

Your voice...

So I'm doing all the cool treatment stuff to get my voice back and working because I literally only need 2 things in my body to function to do the work. My voice and my legs.

Speaking of legs I decided to do squats. Ow... for three days. This week was a physically painful week. But I also have some fetching awesome stories.

The first happened in our bi-weekly trip to Cobquecura. We were a little short on time but we decided to go to a less active family and share a quick scrip and thought. Did that, set up a FHE and walked very fast to the bus stop. We made it on time to the bus stop. We then waited. And waited. And waited. Finally we found out that the last bus wasn't coming. My comp freaked out a bit but we started calling some of the members in Cobquecura, looking for taxi. Something. We ended asking a lady in a bus kiosk when the next bus was. It was one for 10:45. It was about 8:00. And to add to that our cell phone died. Because I didn't want to wait we kept searching and searching and finally we found someone that could take us to Quirihue. He took us and 2 other people in a 1990's red pickup truck. We made it to Quirihue alive. Then it was time to pay. the two people paid 2.000 and us the broke missionaries paid.......13.000. We got screwed. Like a lot. But we made it to Quirihue at 9 and so all is good.

In addition to my lost voice on Sunday, I gave a talk in sacrament, with President there. So that was really dope. We got new beds so E' Espiritu isn't sleeping on the floor and my bed isn't supported by books so that's cool.

We have a baptism this week for a 9 year old named German. I'm super stoked because like a kid if it doesn't interest him he won't remember. But he's learning so that's dope.

But really the best part about this week was I started working a lot harder and I just feel a lot better. So I'm going to keep working and working.

Love you. Chao chao.


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