May 15, 2018




Elder Pedro Espiritu

I looked at the sun and wasn't blinded. ¡QUE MILAGRO!

You're going to hate me for this but this week flew by and I can't remember exactly what I did.

We taught and contacted and taught and contacted and taught and contacted and yeah.

Actually Thursday I went with Elder Henriksen to Cauquenes to do a baptismal interview because we also had English class. It wasn't that much fun but there was a small fire and there was a ton of smoke in the air so I took some pictures of the sun. But that was dope.

Friday a service missionary named Pablito made the trip to Quirihue to work with us. He's 60 years old and acts like a kid sometimes but this man has nothing of fear to talk to anyone and so we talked to a lot of people. Also Elder Murdock came to Quirihue for a quick baptismal interview. We actually use baptismal interviews to set goals for people that might have hit a road block. Everything comes out in an interview. That was fun.

People discovered how awesome my camera is and so my friends in the ward have been playing with it and so there's pictures of that.

My new comp is Elder Espiritu fro my old zone of Penco. It's actually pretty cool because we were good friends before and so maybe we'll be good companions. I'm really excited for this transfer because we're getting the church and it's going to start raining a crapton, so I might break out the crappy camera because it's waterproof. But I'm really excited. I've set some goals to grow muscles and a good spirit so that will be fun.

Thanks for your love and support. I really appreciate. Dad i would like to say I wasn't trunky, but that would be flat out lying.

Thanks again for the support. Go tell Kyle to win his soccer game.


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