May 7, 2018




Elder Michael Barney

I Got Stabbed

With a needle. I got stabbed with a needle.

This past week was 100% crazy. We had zone conference on Thursday and we talked more about attributes of Christ and exact obedience. It's not that I'm disobedient, but getting up in the morning to do exercises is really hard, especially when it's starting to get cold. But there's a lot of things I can work on to be more like Chirst and every day I try to improve myself. Zone conference was in Chillán which is an hour and a half by bus and we almost missed it to get home.

The next day we had to go back to Chillán to get the flu vaccine. There I met the other half of the mission was there and I met a crap ton more missionaries. It didn't hurt but it took a lot of time because half the mission was there.

But in good news to that, we ate about 40+ pieces of sushi each. We were in Chillan a little early and we needed to eat lunch so we went to a sushi place nad ordered the biggest things they had, which was 150+ pieces. In addition to that we snagged some uneatten sushi from the other table as well. so all in all it was a story for the legends. It hurt for about 15 minutes and then after 2 hours I was hungry again.

Other adventures in the House Chapel Elder Barney and I taught Relief Society.

This week is the last week of the transfer so we're going to be working hard.

I hope all is well. Have a good week


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