April 30, 2018




Elder Michael Barney

Coco, Haitians, and Genial

First we watched Coco for a church activity. If you haven't seen its number 1 on my new reccomended list. I cried at the end. I'm not going to lie. We tried to bring as many people as we could but we ended up with one investigator. nonetheless it's awesome.

We also found more Haitians and brought them to church. The Haitians really know how to dress. They're super stylish and its the most awesome thing. I wish I took a picture. Priesthood was fun because we tried teaching in Spanish and Creole. I think all four of us Elders in Quirihue have a new goal to learn a little bit of Creole. But they enjoyed. Our Haitian investigator looks like Chris Webber. We actually forgot his name and so that's what we called him when we we're giving the names of people committed to church. Oops. turns out Chris Webber is named Ohnik and is Witness (like the Jehovah kind). So no baptims this transfer. But the other pair has one for this week. I think we're going to invite our investigators to.

So Hermano Genial. He's a contact we had this week on an intercambio yesterday. It was freaking hilarious because he was drunk and told me that I was not from this world. And so I kind of went with it and said I'm the brother of Superman, Pooperman. But I'm still a missionary so I taught him he wants to be a "ser mejor" he needs to follow the Word of Wisdom. After messing with him a little bit we tried leaving and he wouldn't let us. I tried everything to say sorry but we need to go, including walking away but that really didn't work because my companion was trying to be polite. So I ended up straing him in the eyes and not saying anything and he left, but not before say (roughly translated) "I'm the coolest, greatest, *****************, ball (huevo) you'll ever meet and you need to take advantage. It was by far the funniest contact I've had.

Everything else is going good I'm trying my very best to work my tail off even though its cold. I'm surviving. It's fun. Chao


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