April 23, 2018




Elder Michael Barney

Baptism by fire, y matando un chancho gigante

Well guys its Monday and here I am, alive and well. Happy but stressed (I'm always stressed).

Turns out playing sports with members and investigator is against the mission rules. So won't be doing that anymore. We're trying to work hard and find new people to teach and we really are working and right now it doesn't seem like anything is happening but I know that we'll be seeing results soon.

I'm not going to lie it's been really hard to find investigators here but all we can do is keep trying and relying. That's 100% of the work. Trying and relying. But other than that here are two of the great stories from this week that have almost nothing to do with the work.

On Wednesday we had a Family Home Evening and I had been waiting for this family home evening since I arrived. I heard about this thing called Baptism by Fire. All I heard was it had something to do with ají, which is like a hot pepper. So come Wednesday I was ready. So here's the Baptisms by fire. It's 3 spoonfuls of ají and a 5 minute wait to eat or drink anything. I ended up surviving but I felt the effects in the days following. But it wasn't the spiciest thing I have eaten.

The next is just a house of a member and we didn't help, but we took pictures. They were killing a 200+ pounds (I think it was pound and not kilogram) pig. The thing was massive and 10/10 wished we would have dressed appropriately to help.

Ok now onto the spiritual stories. Like I kind of said we have been struggling with investigators getting to church all my time in Quirihue. This week was no different but we started to think of what we could do to improve that. I started thinking that maybe Heavenly Father wants us to change a little bit so that we will be a lot better. I'm still trying to search for that change but I know that when I make it, our results will be better.

I'm so grateful to be on a mission because I'm actually learning a lot about myself that I wouldn't have learned and as always I'm trying to get closer to Christ.

I encourage everyone to do something good for someone this week, maybe something as small as a smile or playing cards with some old folks but do something to help someone feel better about their life.

Thanks my friends and chao


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