April 17, 2018




Elder Michael Barney

Arizonans Rejoice

Bueno... Since I'm halfway on the other side of the world we are starting winter. This means a couple things. NUMBER 1 A LOT OF RAIN. On Monday our FHE cancelled and so we tried looking for people in our area who wanted to receive exaltation but literally the whole world stops when its raining in Chile. Here is an example of a door contact.

US:"Hello, we are..."
THEM:"It's raining"
US: Well we just want to share a short message about Jesus Christ
THEM: But it's raining,
US: Thanks we've noticed but do you want to hear a short message
THEM: No it's raining.


It's so much fun. I now know that all my rain stuff works, but my scriptures aren't, but they got a little wet. But I've thought of 5 solutions to fix that problem so we're good.

There were 26 people in our group today. I'm pretty sure it ties with Coelemu in some days. I think the hardest thing for us right now is getting people to go to church because everyone here has field or some other thing. We don't have mutual and I haven't been sustained yet as the President so I haven't been doing much. But we have been trying to find people to come to church and to be baptized and it really is hard.

The work we do is 100% finding people and bringing the Gospel. We find people through English Class and members and knocking doors and going to Cobquecura which is a vacation city on the beach.

So if you didn't know the Church is building a temple in Concé and its our job to tell everyone about it. One of our ways to tell people about it is every time we ride a bus we are to give a presentation talking about all the details about the Open House and stuff like that. I found that really terrifying 2 months ago. But one day me and my companion were riding the bus and I got up and spoke about the temple WITH EASE (and a lot of the Spirit). With Ease. I'm honestly terrible at talking to people, especially in front of big groups of people, but if the Lord wants us to do something He will give us a way 1 Ne 3:7

So this week in sacrament I was assigned to give a talk and I basically just talked on the spot (with a little help from PMG) and it was honestly one of the best talks I gave.

I've lately been studying the Atonement and what it really means. I'm not very deep yet but I know that without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, none of us would be truly happy.

I hope you're all trying to be a little more like Jesus everyday because I've found that that's the greatest happiness.


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