April 9, 2018




Elder Michael Barney

Missionaries don't live in the church... usually

First of my new companion is Elder Barney from Holiday, Utah. He has three weeks less than me on the mission but this man is a maquina. We have been nonstop working for this whole week.

Second, we live in a decent sized house with the other missionaries in our area. Explain more about our area situation later.

And finally all of the details about Quirihue. First of all its 30 kms away from Coelemu but because of the logistics of the mission and just how things are on Tuesday I went from Coelemu to Concé, Concé a Chillan, and Chillan to Quirihue, which is probably the worst travel of my life because it was a gigante trip for an hour change. Quirihue is a lot bit smaller in membership than Coelemu. But here's the best part. OUR HOUSE IS THE CHAPEL. THAT'S RIGHT WE HAVE CHURCH AND ACTIVITIES IN OUR HOUSE. It also helps because our house is also a little bit bigger.

Quirihue is a group which means its smaller than a branch. Us 4 Elders are a few of the only active Melchizedek priesthood holders in our group. So we do the fun stuff. I think I'm president of the young men but I'm not exactly sure. Our group president is a service missionary in Talcuhano, which is the suburb of Concé. I'm also the group pianist and we have a piano in our house so I will be practicing Sister Johnson.

Quirihue is a Chilean Old West town. There are wasos (cowboys) every where and they don't understand lots of what we say. This would usually frustrate me but I freaking love it. There's a great majority of dirt roads and stuff like that. Also according to my comp President loves Quirihue so I'm pretty much set and excited to work.

A miracle happened when we were finding people by knocking on doors. We started trying to search for potential new researcher. We did not find the number and house we were looking for but we decided to knock on the door we thought it was. We touched and started talking about the temple. With time this contacts translated into a conversation about the prophet and because we need a prophet today. We both testify about the prophet's truthfulness and she agreed. We set an appointment later to talk about the prophets.

Another experience is through our English class. We found a young man named Matias who is a friend of a member. He wanted to know more English so we set an appointment to talk to him about that. But we think we can date you. Then we talk a little about English with your friend member. Then we taught the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom and he accepted everything. Included with that is a date. But I think the best part of that is your friend will do everything possible to get the priesthood to baptize your friend. Although his date fell because the church did not attend, I still have faith that he will be baptized.

Thanks for your support. Have a great week. I love it here in Quirihue so don't worry about me.


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