April 2, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

Theobald's Do Hard Things

This week we got to watch all of general conference and it was a great part of the mission. I recognized something really awesome. When President Nelson was speaking it was with the same language and the same humor as President Monson so I know for sure that he is the prophet. Also he kept glancing upward so that was awesome as well. I think my favorite talk was about the small and simple things by Dallin H. Oaks. Which led me to bleive that I need to start doing the small and simple things In Coelemu.

Today I hiked a mountain and received the call. I'm transferring to an even smaller Not-yet-branch in Quirihue. It's only a couple kilometers away from Coelemu but it's in a different zone and different area of the mission. (Area=we have 2 pairs of assistants one for 3 zones Outside of Concé and 1 for the 6 zones around Concé. Coelemu is in a zone that's in COncé, but Quirihue is not.) I'm moving in with an Elder who has 3 weeks less in his mission than me. We're both equal. So this transfer is going to be an adventure. Also my zone is 1 of 2 zones that are pure ELders and so I'm really excited for that.

Theobalds do hard things because I'm going into a new area with a new comp that has less time than me and if anything I feel so unprepared and I'm so ready.

That's all I have to report this week. Today I go and say goodbye to all my friends in Coelemu and that will be fun. Until next week.


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