March 26, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

The Spirit is True and the Beach is Blue

So general conference is super late here. The morning session starts at 1 the afternoon at 5 and the priesthood at 9. We don't know if we'll be going to the priesthood session but I would like to. The funny thing about the church is that they record over the voices in English so I'll probably be watching in Spanish but trying to pick up the slight English.

Next week is transfers. Chances are I'm leaving. We have nothing in terms of baptisms. A couple people progressing a little bit but honestly. We have close to nothing.
So here's the rundown
We were teaching a less active one and we were trying to look for it in a way that your daughter can help. She is having a challenge in her life with her boyfriend. I was thinking of a solution I was about to say when my companion said the same thing that I wanted to say. I learned at this time that the Holy Spirit is going to put the same ideas in my mind and also in my partner's mind if we have the unity we need.

One other thing I learned about the Holy Spirit was on Saturday in a tinier town of Trehuaco. We were looking for Scarlet, someone who was recently baptized in the North but lives here. We found the street and decided we are going to walk to the end of the street and then we are going to start knocking on doors. The first door on the street end was exactly who we were looking for. We invited her to the church and she attended with us and then she went with us to the devotional seminar in the Penco stake.

Speaking of the devo we arrived early and the gate was locked so we couldn't enter. So we took a trip to the beach and I took some sick photos of Elder Murdock. Enjoy.


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