March 19, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

No title this week

Transfers are in 2 weeks, the week after conference. Conference is hecking late here. The priesthood session ends at 11 which is when we need to be in the house. So we'll see if we get to watch conference. Chances are I'm leaving because I have 4 transfers in the area, which is about 6 months (minus 3 weeks for the first transfer). I hit six months next week. SIX MONTHS!! I still have som uch to learn.

We no baptisms and it looks like we're not going to baptize anyone this transfer as well. But we do have some golden people that will be baptized. We have 2 people that are ready, but need permission from their parents, 1 who doesn't want to get married and all the others need to go to church a couple more times. They need to go to church 3 times before they are baptized. For the minimum.

This week we did 2 things more than anything. Contact by basketball and service. We helped a part-member family paint their house. It was super fun and I find painting super relaxing now. But we painted the whole inside of their house white. We also helped them move their wood floor into a pile so they can burn it during the winter.

We also cut wood for the Cuadras. We both got smacked in the face with the wood because we were cutting up sticks and were kind of uneducated how to cut little sticks. Elder Murdock also got hit in the face.

So we're both basketball legends in Coelemu. Well Elder Murdock is. I'm a little bit above average. A good thing is lots of the youth like to play basketball. So one day we played with them in our proselyting clothes and the next day we thought it would be good to change. Lots of these youth are a little younger than me and I'm excited to actually start teaching them.

Well, that's all for this week. But this upcoming week we made some bombtastic plans so be ready for that.

I love you.



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