March 13, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

Intercambios are great.

In Chile there are lots of refugees from Haiti. Some Speak Spanish and others doen't. In Haiti they speak Kreole which literally sounds like bobidi bob bingh fwa. And is written kind of similar (I'm sorry if that's a bit racist). But it's really awesome because the Haitian people are looking for work for their families in Haiti to provide for them. We found a house of five of them and one came to church and now has a date for baptism the 31 of March. Isn't that awesome? But in this house three don't speak Spanish and so I think I'm going to try to learn basic creole to teach them. Plus it would be cool to speak it because yeah. I'm a language freak now. I seriously beleive in the gift of tongues.

I went on an exchange with a zone leader this week and decided that I need to do some exercise (his area has many hills and stairs). I actually need to pick up the slack in the little things. And this is my goal for this week. Little things like workout every morning (I'll probably start doing insanity), take 1 picture everyday, and mark helpful scriptures.

That's actually the result of what I learned during the exchange here is that experience in Spanish.

Hola Presidente. Esta semana en Coelemu aprendimos muchos cosas acá y en los intercambios. Hace mucho tiempo desde yo fui afuera mi propio sector para trabajar. Algo que yo aprendí era durante una lección. Estamos enseñando sobre la fe y Elder Contreras hizo una analogía con su agenda y dijo a los investigadores suyos "mueva con su fe". Ella trata a usar su fe para mover pero ninguna cosa pasa. Después el dijo "ponga su fe al lado y mueva ese agenda". Ella tomó la agenda de sus manos.

Ese explotó mi mente. Yo siempre estoy diciendo fe sin obras es muerte, pero yo nunca pensé como ese. Yo aprendí que yo no estoy haciendo todo yo pueda hacer y simplemente poniendo mi confianza en mi fe. Yo realmente entendí que fe es obra. Como ella pensé que su fe puede mueve este agenda, yo pensé el mismo. Pero fe no es El Force como en Star Wars (que es lo que yo relato el fe) pero es la obra. Con este aprendizaje yo voy a hacer todo posible para esforzarme.

I told this to President So that's why its in Spanish. Also the beginning of the school year was this week and it's a little bit harder to work when all your member friends are working or at school. They have school from 8-6 so that sucks. But all is well.

We had a district activity this morning here's the link to the pictures and videos I took. It was beautiful. I also got a haircut which semi-sucks so....

I love you guys and hope all is well.


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