March 5, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

The Seventy, The Seventh Day Adventist, and the Seventh Inning

I have no pictures this week.

We were visited by Elder Bragg who is a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. He taught us in Spanish and Taught us a little bit about the process of getting your mission call. I think it was a good refresher because I have been struggling (a lot through my mission) with desanimo. I have no idea what the word is in English but I think it's discourgement. But reminding me that through divine inspiration I received my call and through divine inspiration I'm supposed to be here in Coelemu.

Someone (I think it was Hermana Catala) said something in PME that really hit me like a ton of bricks. She pointed something out that said that we need to accept responisbility for our efforts. I kind of have been, slacking (it feels), on my mission when it comes to what to do. I feel sometimes like I'm overdependent on my companion but that's going to change. Especially because HE's not going to be companion forever and I have every potential to be training the next cambio, even through there are only three new missionaries (ELders) that are coming.

OH we have a date for the dedication and the Open HOuse. The 15th of September to the 13th of October is the open house and the dedication is on the 28th of october. Elder Murdock extended his mission just so he could attend (he has one year than me). So that's exiciting.

We taught a seventh day adventist this week. HE was very closed. I can literally run circles around his religion withoutr using the Book of Mormon but It would just end badly. In addition he would always interrupt us and say we were wrong. What's really sad in all this is his mom is really receptive and can't progress because she needs her kids approval. So that really sucks.

There's no seventh day inning thing but We rent a bus to take our branch to Penco for stake conference. SO that's really cool, and yesterday was Elder Murdock's birthday.

Nothing much happened this week worth mentioning besides this. I hope that everything is good in the house. I love you guys and I'm so grateful for your examples to stay in the true gospel. It means a lot. I love ustedes.

Ps. I received Christmas Cards from the ward this week. So thank you for that.


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