October 13, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder Dallin Castillo

Yo Hablo Mucho Espanol

Hola Buenos Dias mi amigos. Wow there's a lot of you people.

If this is your first email welcome!
If this is your second WELCOME!!!!!!

So I'm pretty much done with my thrid week here in the CCM (Mexico MTC) and the greatest news is about to come. Are you ready?

I leave a week earlier.

Dead serious. I'll be in the MTC for 5 weeks instead of 6 because our mission president wants all the Chile Concepción missionaries to come I guess. Which is awesome news. I´m so ready to be out of here and start preaching.
I've learned so much Spanish and am at about 87% understanding of the Latinos. But then again all of our teachers speak close to no English and we study so much during the day that I got through Alma in a matter of days. No joke. I learned more Spanish here in the three weeks I've been here than in the two years at school. Which is actually awesome. God works miracles here at the CCM and I am partaking of these miracles.

So funny story about Chileno Spanish. We did a serviuce project on Wednesday and we basically packed up a bunch of food for other districts going to the temple on their P-day (more on that in a little bit). One of the workers showed me a video that had one guy say a phrase in regular Spanish and then that same phrase in Chileno. He then proceeded to tell me he didn't understand the Chileno. SOOOOOO that's awesome.

Last P-day we had the opportunity to go to the Mexico city temple. That thing is awesome. It's small perimeter wise but it is built upwards and it is a sight for sore eyes in Mexico city (they have escalators). We did a session in Spanish but we had headphones to translate from Spanish to English because we were there more for understanding and learning. It was a great time and could definitely feel the spirit.

Fun fact: So the CCM president's daughter is in my mission.

Me and my companion are pretty popular here. We have a couple friends outside our district which is the best. One of our friends is Elder Butterfield and he's on scholarship to BYU to play running back. Pretty dope.

Alright but here's the important part. The gift of tongues is not something that will show up. You have to constantly be working and studying the language in order to have God help you in your endeavors learning the language. And you have to trust him. No matter what. Even if you're going to a mission where you speak your native language you still have to trust the Lord that he is going to help you. We have been teaching two "investigators" (they're actually our teachers) and me and my companion have been prompted by Spirit so many times it's amazing.

Well I hope you're all doing great! You can send letters and packages to me and I would greatly appreciate the letters.

Elder Christian Theobald
Chile Concepción Mission

Ps they can't pronounce my last name
Pps we can't take pictures unless it's p-day and I forgot my camera when we went to the temple and I don't have anyway to get pictures to the computer. Sorry!


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