October 19, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder Dallin Castillo

Elder Sandals

This week has been crazy. I have a couple things to say and only a couple minutes to say them I have four things.

1. I got called as a zone leader. Which basically means I'm in charge of the welfare of 3 districts including my own and get to assign talks for sacrament meeting and all the fun stuff like that. But it also means I have to go to a lot of meetings which is definitely not fun but it's so worth it.

2. At the CCM the teachers we have are also our investigators and they take on roles as people that they taught on our mission. But we were teaching our morning teacher and she disclosed some problems about having too many sins. We ditched our lesson plan and taught with the Spirit and we ended up talking about repentance. It was amazing because the Lord put words in my mouth and I could honestly not tell you what I said. Only that it was the best lesson me and my companion ever taught. It was amazing and at that moment that's when I knew what teaching with the Spirit felt like.

3. WARNING!!!!!! MIGHT BE GROSS!!!!!! So I got an ingrown toenail and went to the doctor here at the CCM and it turns out that it was infected. So I got both sides of the nail cut off (one because it needed it and the other for precaution). Anyway so I've been wearing Sandals all week and it's not as fun as it seems. But hopefully by Monday I'll be able to exercise and wear shoes because it's not fun to wear sandals all day (hence the nickname Elder Sandals)

4. I also went to the Mexico City temple again today. Hence why the Email is late. We went in the morning. The temple is always amazing.

Love you all. I'm still alive and I'm happy for that.

Hey so I only get an hour to email (just found out this week) and we went to the temple earlier today so I still have some laundry to do. So this might be short. But I my ingrown toenail was infected and so I've been wearing sandals this whole week and its not as fun as it sounds. By Monday it should be good. So I haven't been able to do any of the workouts for the week because of it. Also I'm trading a kid in my zone his backpack for a couple of ties because he can't have a backpack on his mission and I can. And I have a lot of ties. I've worn a different tie everyday to the MTC and I might have enough to last the whole stay. I also got called as a zone leader and got to meet the new district we have in our branch. My Spanish is coming along but, its starting to slow down. I need to pick it up a little bit. I would love to write you more but I have 14 emails and that mass email. If I have any extra time I'll give you some more details.

I love you :)


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