November 13, 2017




Elder Theo No Fear Dawson

Drinking the Tap

Guess what? The water is safe here. I didn't know until I got here but the tap water is fine. It's a bit Chilly here in Chile but by afternoon it's nice and warm. I live in a really tiny apartment and it's just me and my ompanion. The plane ride was hecking long and I got probably two hours of sleep, and then the whole layover I was goiong through customs and security again. SO I had no time to call lo siento. Spanish is taking some adjusting to. My companion has had Like 3 latino companions in a row and he talks fast but I'm really trying to learn the language. They said three months to understand and six months to become fluent. That's very long but I'm really trying to work hard.

When I work the time seems to fly but when we're not doing anything along the lines of studying or teaching it's very difficult to pass time. But here is nice. My city where I live and work is called Coelemu and its a nice little tranquil town. We teach at least 8 people a day and most of converts are kids that are younger than us. It's so crazy. There are lots of little kids. And dogs. Lots of dogs.

My companion is going to play Runningback at University of Wyoming. His name is Theo No-Fear Dawson. He has been in the mission for 16 months and Coelemu for 3. He's awesome. My fist day he got a package from his parents with a bunch of American candy. 30 snickers 20 peanut mand ms and 15 reeces. Super crazy. He's super nice and tries to help me out with Spanish and adjusting to missionary life.

My companion teaches most of the lessons and street contacts but this week we're going to try to teach together. Even though my Spanish isn't very good. I have faith because the Lord wouldn't have sent me here if he didn't think I could learn a crazy new language. But I have so much trust in the Lord and I have honestly looked to be the best missionary I can be. I know it will take time but I can do it.

We visited the Concepción temple today and it is magnificent. I love it. It's a great beacon in the dark times. I'll be in the mission when it's dedicated and I can't wait. I have no pictures for today because I fotgot my SD card reader. But hopefully I'll have some more adventures. BTW Chile is 4 hours ahead. Which is an easy adjustment when you're sleep deprived. I love you. I haven't gotten sick yet.


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