November 20, 2017




Elder Theo No Fear Dawson


Being a missionary is super interesting. I talk to drunkards, teach little kids eat nasty foods (one nasty thing). I enjoy the mission. But this week I have been feeling slighty inadequate. Understanding the Chilean people is a bit difficult and forming sentences is really difficult. I was literally going to ask you dad how long it took you to adjust but then you said 9 months in your email. 9 MONTHS! Well to be fair we try to speak Spanish in the streets and in the house and the only times we speak English are on P-day but we still try to be dilligent in our Spanish.

The mission is really difficult. In all honesty, the hardest thing I've had to do. But I've already learned so much that its going to be good when I can speak Spanish and acquire the necessary teaching skills. We teach with a lot of questions and it's a little more difficult than it seems. Even though we practice pretty much everyday.

This is my personal opinion for Tyler. And I'm going to email him about it. But I think he should do both. Jacob Bircher, tried doing that. Ask Coach Stone and Coach Webster if it would be possible. If not do throwing, but then do Sprints afterwards and some drills to get faster. I think the number one problem for me was aggression. If I had been more aggressive I would have destroyed. And had more personal motivation. I had almost no personal motivation my Senior year. That is the most important part.

The members feed us lunch because lunch is the big thing here. We never eat a formal dinner but we do eat snacks sometimes. So I think I lost weight but then again I still have a gut.

We email from a cyber cafe which is neat because the computers don't have restreictions. The ones at the MTC had worse restrictions than school computers. But now I can look at photos.

Hopefully I won't need anything. I don't right now. I try to live very very frugal and yeah. But in Coelemu there is nothing in terms of fast food. Eventually I'll need a backpack but now I'm solid with tablet bag.

This week had some with disappointment. We had to drop 3 families we were focussed on because they weren't progressing but we did find one family that seems to love the Gospel. THat's pretty fantastic.

We went on exchanges because Elder No-Fear is the district leader and he had a couple interviews so I hung out with Elder Parrot, A ginger canadian who played football and basketball. We taught a very excited MEthodist guy and a bunch of little kids, who made fun of my Spanish. I learned that I'm not as outgoing as I thought but that's all good because eventually I'm going to be able to understand these kids and be able to teach lessons and all that fun stuff.

We were at a members house and her grandkids were playing out in front. One of them had to go potty so he went. Right there. On the front porch. Little kids are funny.

Everyday it seems I study to get the gift of tongues and the abilities to teach and everyday I get a little bit better. And with each passing day I can understand the people a little more. Some missionaries said that 3 months to understand and 6 months to be fluent if you are dilligently working. I am dilligently working and I have faith that in a year or year in a half I can be the missionary I was sent here to be. I just have to keep working.

Philipians 4:13 "I can do all things in Christ who strengtheth me"

I know I can do this. I know I was sent here to teach specific people and proclaim the Gospel to all the Earth.


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