November 27, 2017




Elder Syrius Pereira

First Cambio?

My trainer is leaving me to be a zone leader so I'll get a new companion to do the middle part of my training. Every one says he's cool so thats good

This week was another roller coaster of ups and downs and the language is still pretty difficult. But slowly and surtely I asm getting it and for tht I am happy. Two months ago I couldn´t begin to understand what these people were saying.

What made the difference was the effort on my part. On Wednesday I told myself that I had been sent to preach the Gospel and I needed to have more confidence that the Lord would put words in my mouth to say what I needed to. And that´s what happened. I said some awesome things and it was fantastic. I know God and the Holy Spirit are helping me. Its still a bit weird to go up to people and start a converstaion.

We didn´t do anything for Thanksgiving but thats ok because were preaching

We are probably going to have a baptism this week, but our font is being rennovated and the river is closed so we might have to baptiuze in a pool. How cool.

So we have one investigators who is super receptive to the Gospel at 14. He came to church his first week which is a miracle. He could be baptized at the end of the year which is super exciting. We have 3 people with baptismal dates and a couple more potentials which is flipping awesome.

Its also starting to get hot and I'm starting to tan, which is weird to think that I can be tan in January. Also Christmas will be my 3 months. TIme freaking flies.

I have a request. Can you send me a picture from our most recent family photos so I can show to people who want to see my family. Gracias.

I love you and hope your upcoming week is spectacular.

PS what kind of Granpa car. And did you sell the truck? And I heard Alabama lost. I heard Sports this year are flipping crazy.


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