December 4, 2017




Elder Syrius Pereira


If you emailed this week I'm sorry I didn't email back. I ran out of time

On Friday we had no success and I was super stressed this whole week because I didn't know hwat I was doing it was difficult and I felt super bad. Entonces I prayed and felt a lot better. I decided to look at my proggress. Two months ago I couldn't speak SPaniush much less understand it now I feel in a couple more weeks I'll be there. This P-day was a freaking relief because its almost like a restart button. But great things that happened this week. I bought a backpack which means now I'm an experienced missionary. I also volunteered to play the piano for sacrament meetings so I'll need to practice a lot more than I did at home. I'm also playing for the primary program. So also need to practice for that. I'm kind of nervous but its a little better than playing on a track.

Also a missionary who lives in our sector came home and so I can see that the wrok will begin to spike because Sister missionaries are so blessed and its freaking awesome. We have a couple eternos and hopefully with this sister´s help we will be able to totally convert them.

The washing machine ruined some of my clothes. As in my white stuff. But I fixed the problem and today I'm going to try to get the stains out. If not... oh well

I also have a goal for my mission. I really want to end my mission as an AP. There's only 4 APs at one time and I beleive that I am capable of it.

Miercole esta semana fue una de mas difícil semanas en mi misión, mas díficil que la primera semana en el CCM. Porque mi compañero fue y el conoce el sector, mi nuevo compañero y yo teníamos ninguna idea sobre lo que hacer. Muchisimos cosas sucedió esta semana. Mi compañero se llama Elder Periera y el es de Brasíl y tiene 18 meses en la mision. El conoce Español, Portuguese y Ingles y un poco de japones. Pero en martes nosotros anduvimos cerca de sector y conocemos miembros importantes. Miércoles fue clase de distrito en TOmé y tambien fue un dia unproductivo. Pero jueves fue cosas son desordenado. Nosotros viajamos a Concepcion durante la noche de miercoles porque el tiene capacitacion por lider de distrtio. Entonces yo trabajé en COncé jueves. Ok here´s the story. District leaders had training on Thursdaystarting at 8 en Concepcion. There was no way we could have gotten their early enough so we travellled at night and spent the night in the casa de la antiguo sector de mi compañero. ENtonces yo trabajé en COnce por un dia. It was mucho diferente.


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