December 18, 2017




Elder Syrius Pereira

Indoors for Three Days

So I don't have many stories from this week because for three days we were inside not really out working. 2 because my comp has tendonitis and the other for zone conference. So not very many great stories. But I do have one

We have literally the best investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday. He is so heaviely involved in the church that there is no way he can go inactive. Its so awesome. It will be my first baptism and I'm so excited.

I'm sorry my emails aren't longer with more awesome stories but I really like emailing my friends and family too. Speaking of which I'm going to Skype my family, which is exciting.

We also have a bazillion Christmas activities this week and so I'll have some pictures from that. Coelemu is moving forward.

Also Piñera won the election and so cars were parading around and honking their horns. Chile is just a bit more friendly politically than America

Merry Christmas

Yeah. So I told Dad but I'm hoping to Skype around 12 my time, which is around 8 your time. I think that would be the best. But that's the plan. I'm really sorry I don't have a set plan but its my first Christmas away. Also I have a obsession with Peanut Butter and I do 100 pushups most days. I love you and I miss you in the back of my mind but I try to stay focused.


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