December 26, 2017




Elder Syrius Pereira

Crazy Christmas

SO this crazy week. Coelemu is at least an hour away from anyone in our zone. So for 3 days We were constantly travelling. We went and helped with an activity in the VAlle Hermoso ward on Thursday and Friday we had our own activity and Saturday Christmas Conference. I learned so much this week and my Spanish is coming along very well.

The activity in Valle Hermoso was a Missionary singing kind of thing and we should have practiced more because it wasn't the best. But I moved a bunch of hay on the stage and that was probably the highlight of the activity #farmlyfe.

Our activity was an open Chapel. Basically we had the whole first lesson on banners and all the organizations in our church spoke about their purpose and I talked about baptism because thats a huge part of the missionary´s job. It was the first time this week I dressed in white.After the activity we travelled back to Valle Hermosa and slept in their house because its much closer to the Christmas Conference.

Saturday we had our Christmas Conference which was basically just games about teaching and singing songs. We had to leave early because we had a baptism. So we then travelled back to to Coelemu for our baptism. Originally my comp was supposed to baptism but he got sick and so I got the opportunity to baptize him. It was fantastic and such a great experience, even though I forgot an extra white shirt and was soaked a little bit.

CHurch was only an hour, sacrament meeting. And that's pretty much it.

So I'm going to start eating healthier because my stomach hurt so bad yesterday and in previous days. Right now I'm fine but eating a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a pack or Oreos, and almost 1 kg of cereal this week is really bad.

But I got two gifts from members yesterday. Cookies and Socks, two of my favorite things. The socks are hecking cool because I just have black socks. SO it will be fun and awesome and whatnot.

We also travel to Concepcion every Monday. And today I have a 2 hour p-day


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