January 15, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

The Uncle Who is Now My Legal Guardian

I'm not exactly sure what the official name for Trainer number three is. I think its closer to your friend's dead who you're living with. But that doesn't matter. I have three trainers. Isn't that awesome.

SO in Coelemu. Well first on TUesday I spent time with some missionaries who are at their house now and that was fun. And super homesickening. But I was doing this because I am Elder Murdock's first trainee. So he had a special meeting he had to go to and I wasn't allowed or something. But that was that.

This week was pure finding. So we knocked doors, looked for old investigators, anything we could to get investigators progressing and some awesome things happened.

1) We found a family we`ve been looking for for almost 2 weeks. Their daughter is on a mission and they aren't baptized. We have an appointment tomorrow to celebrate their daughters birthday. Which is kind of weird but I'll TAKE IT.

2)My companion has a specialty for baptizing eternos (eternal investigators). There is one who has been "investigating" for years. He just needs to get married. If we baptize him, both of us will be Coelemu missionary legends.

3) I CAN SPEAK SPANISH, who knew right?

BUt this week is going to be awesome and so is this cambio. I'll keep Ustedes updated in the coming weeks.

Ps I bought a new camera so I'll be taking some excellent fotos

I just remembered a funny story. I was getting my haircut today and i was just about finished and Hermana Catala walked into the room. Phew great timing because my hair was too long and huge. I don't know why but I think that that's funny. We also played soccer today and I'm not as good as the Brazilenos but I'm almost there. I scored 4 goals so that's awesome.


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