January 6, 2019


Santa Rita, Olongapo City, Philippines


Elder Woodruff

26-A long way gone; Staying and Fasting

I was informed that I will be spending my 4th transfer, or the first quarter or so of my mission, in my first area. Right on. So we are out here living our best life. We have spent the last weeks teaching lesson 1's and getting rejected, but one family has been progressing, and their son attended church with us for the 2nd Sunday in a row. Last night we set an invitation for the the the mom and her two sons to get baptized. In a Utopian world, they will continue to keep commitments and will be baptized in early February. Outside of them, we have been in the process of finding. That is truly the trickiest part of being a missionary. The reality is that although there are 5000 people in your area, perhaps 2% will be willing to accept the message and progress towards baptism. Our goal is to find that 2%, and slowly but surely it is and will happen. 
I would like to close with my testimony of the power of fasting. It teaches an essential principle: namely, the importance of subjecting the body to the spirit. If we follow the desires of the flesh we are just like animals. By practicing fasting we strengthen the spirit, while denying the body. This delaying of gratification is essential to all of our temporal and spiritual success. Yesterday, I got a resounding answer as a result of my fast. I know when done properly, there are powerful results 
Here are pictures my first time cooking Adobo, a beautiful picture of the Philippines, and our district. 


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